Christmas Safety Tips for Pet Parents

We know your fur-babies are angels but we also know that you may be in denial if you think that they won’t act up at some point during the holidays!

So we have put together some tips and things to look out for to help you avoid a Christmas 'cat-astrophy'.

Presents and Stockings Keep your beautiful or questionably wrapped presents (no judgment here) somewhere safe where your pets aren’t able to open them before you do on Christmas morning. Especially if any of them contain something edible such as chocolate which is very toxic as it contains theobromine causing seizures and heart rhythm abnormalities.

Tinsel and Ribbons If you’re a fancy wrapper and you like to use string, shiny ribbons, and bows then you might be also grabbing the attention of your furry friend. Best case scenario, you end up with a chewed and soggy bow, but pets can easily get tangled in the string or swallow them which can result in life-threatening blockages.

Toys and Wrapping Paper Christmas morning, the presents have been torn open and there are gifts and wrapping paper everywhere. Pets love being a part of these exciting moments and they probably want to play with your presents too. Kid’s toys, bits of plastic, and discarded wrapping paper can all be chewed and swallowed by your pets causing dangerous internal issues. I know that it’s probably the last thing you want to do on Christmas day but try and tidy up any rubbish, packing materials, or toys left on the floor that could be swallowed or you may be spending it at the emergency vet instead!

Christmas Trees Christmas tree, OH Christmas tree! These are something that most of us will have up during this festive season. We can’t blame them for wanting to explore this weird new addition to their home but we can make it safer by not using edible decorations, keeping ornaments out of reach, setting it up in a room that can be closed off when nobody is around or even by putting a baby gate around it.

Candles and Fireplaces But baby it’s cold outside! This time of year we like to sit by the fire and light smelly candles to set the Christmas mood and there’s nothing wrong with that BUT as well as creating a cosy atmosphere, they may also attract some little curious noses that can get burnt and fuzzy paws that may knock them over and start an unwanted house fire. Try buying some battery operated candles this Christmas?

Fairy Lights This one mainly applies to cat parents. Cats are funny little beings, they like to knock things over, chew and lick random things and having a house with twinkly lights and wires strung up becomes quite the temptation and hazard if they decide to chew on them. Make sure that you have safety coverings on them or that they are out of reach to avoid your pets getting burnt or electrocuted.

We hope that these tips have helped in some way and we would love to hear any other steps that you are taking to keep your pets safe this Christmas. If you have any other suggestions for fellow pet parents please let us know in the comments below!

If you suspect your pet may have eaten something harmful this holiday season make sure to contact your vet immediately.


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